Sunday, December 25, 2005

How I spent my Christmas Holiday!

I put a bunch of my wool yarn into the little Cedar Trunk my mom got for me for Christmas to make room for all my knitting books in the shelf- the wool on top is to make Rogue and under it is Paton's Wool, Lion Wool, a little Cascade and some Wool of the Andes from Knit Picks...

and I finished my Booga Bag! Woohoo - I will admit I made the cord with my Clover Wonder Knitter - I just have not figured out I-Cord and I just wanted to get it all done!

Felting is still on the agenda sometime soon! I promise!


Jerry & Maxy said...

That is a sweet cedar chest!!! So is the Booga bag. But my fav is your pirate outfit :-).

You rule, Sharon!

Roxy said...

Pirates rock! You look so sexay Miss Sharon :)

Also, that's one fine Booga bag *wink*

Love ya!


Jenn said...

Daaaaaaaaang that Sweater looks awesome! you so have to show it off when you finish it!

Leisel said...

re: the cedar chest...

It's beautiful!

But, I've been told (in regards to heirloom quilts, but I thought it might apply to yarn as well) that the oil from the cedar can damage fabrics, and that you should never put it directly on the wood... always in a bag or maybe line the chest with an old sheet or something in order to protect it.

That might not be an issue if the yarn isn't in there for very long, but if it ends up being long term stash, you might want to think about it.

- Leisel

Pyewacket said...

Love your cedar chest!