Thursday, May 25, 2006

Me Amazin' Lace Team

In fine buccanneer fashion, Sharon P. a.k.a th' Seafarin' hearty Wench Morgan Wilderose, has "acquired" a fine stash o' lace knittin' goodness, Misty Alpaca Lace; Knit Picks Shadow, Alpaca Cloud & Shimmer; a cone o' Henry`s Attic Monte 3/9; an' two coveted buttons o' NZ Artisan Lace yarn. Thar be a wee rare lace knittin' texts she has “collected” as well, th' wonderful Folk Shawls, Th' Adamas Shawl Pattern, an' th' Elizabeth I pamphlet. She has completed Branchin' Ou' an' be makin' fine progress on th' Queen o' Hearts shawl but them projects be from worsted weight yarns an' she feels th' need t' explore th' wide world o' lace weight yarns. Durin' th' Amazin' Lace she plans on knittin' lace wi' th' lass' wonderful lace weight loot! She be sure 't be a challenge at ever' change o' th' wind…


roxy ^-o-^ said...

OMG the possibilities!

All that laceweight... wow!

Woohoo you!


Rachel said...

Great into -- I hope all your photos will feature you in full pirate regalia. :)