Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Super SP Day!

I got two Secret Pal packages yesterday - One from my Secret Pal for SP6 - She sent me a wonderful Sock Knitting Knit (with Opal Tiger Sock Yarn, Needles, Stitch Markers, an two patterns) a Fiber Trends Sock Pattern, and Knitting without Tears! Oh and some Sinimints that are not pictured! ;)

I will post about the other package later as I am not 100% positive if it is from who I think it is from! it has a bit of the Holiday feel to it though! :)

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chele said...

Hi Sharon!

What wonderful gifts from your SP!! Isn't this program the best?! I made friends with a great knitter in Germany (I'm from New England) thanks to SP6. If the sock kit is one you'd recommend, I'd love to hear about it- I'd like to try and learn how to knit socks, next!
Have a great day & Happy Thanksgiving!
Michele in CT