Tuesday, November 01, 2005

20 things about me...Well for now 15...

  • I am a native Texan, a native Houstonian at that.
  • Per the people I support daily, I have little or no Texas accent, they think I am from Boston or somewhere other than Texas.
  • I took speech therapy as a child because I said my R‚’s as W’s. Perhaps that is why people think I am from somewhere else.
  • I have done telephone tech support for various companies including Microsoft since 1997.
  • I taught myself a lot of what I know to do Tech Support by playing around with computers and reading books.
  • I've never completed college, but would like to go back one day.
  • I am an A+ certified technician.
  • I have been around crafty people all my life, both my grandmother and mother were seamstresses, I had some of the best costumes as a child.They both had other craft interests as well.My grandmother did needlepoint on plastic canvas and macrame and my mother crochets, and makes beautiful beaded Christmas ornaments.
  • I am very crafty though I dabble a lot, I know how to sew, crochet, knit, make jewelry, sculpt, embroider, cross-stitch and do some various paper crafts, I am sure there are others in there I have forgotten.
  • I think I might be mildly dyslexic, but I am tenacious so I figure out how to do things on my own or ask for help when I feel confused.
  • A few years ago I taught myself to crochet and I crochet pretty good, but sometimes I get confused reading the patterns, that is when I call mom.
  • I tried for about 2 years to teach myself to knit but could never figure it out so I took a class.The class helped but at the end of the class I realized that I was twisting all my stitches the wrong way, the teacher just said it was no big deal.To me that was unacceptable so I found http://www.knittinghelp.com/ and taught myself the right way to knit, well at least my way to knit!
  • Knitting patterns sometimes confuse me too but less than crochet patterns.
  • I have played Role Playing games for 25 years now; I started playing D&D with my brother and his friends when I was 14.I currently do a bit of live role playing and play World of Warcraft as well.
  • I have been married once and have never remarried.

I am trying to think of some others - comment and ask questions - maybe I can find more things about me!

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van said...

i just came across our blog and liked it :D im gonna link you so i can see what you're doing from time to time. i can't read crochet or knitting patterns but i do cool works... but patterns are hard. i also make cloth dolls but my blog is in portuguese only...
ah well... you can look at the pictures! :D
take care... im gonna read the rest of your blog now.