Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Picture Free Post w/added links!

Just wanted to send a shout out to my One Skein Pal! She sent me a lovely ball of Opal Dreamcatcher in a red, white & blue colorway, The Ultimate Book of Knit Socks, and a Rain scented Candle so that it would rain here in my town. The candle worked - pretty cool!

In other news I am now moderatly addicted to Podcasts! Listening to one right now! Tonight Podcast is It's a Purl, Man - I have been listening to Cast-On in the car since I got a car kit for my Ipod! Both are good listens! I have started at the beginning of the Pod Casts because I am orderly like that so I am listening to Podcasts from the past working towards the future. I have to read novel sets in order too! It's a thing! Hope every one has a great week! Oh there's a new Knitty if you have not heard!

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