Saturday, July 15, 2006


Sometimes the world had a great sense of synchronicity - look what I found waiting for me when I got home from Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, a PIRATE sock (most likely small project) bag from the wonderful Costume Chick

Yar'n! I totally love it! :) I hope she is happy with her Alpaca Cloud in Iris!


Zonda said...

Cute bag!!

aija said...

Cool bag!!

Villasatu said...

Nice bag!

Thanks for the the Knitting project tracker, it's going to be useful.

a Amazing Lacer on a pit stop!

sillyewe said...

Hey!!! My name is Sharon and I live in Lewisville, too. How creepy is that? heh heh So, do you go to any knitting groups around the area?? We should meet up some time at Starbucks or Borders. :0)