Saturday, August 01, 2009

Daily Dose of Fiber 31-Day Challenge!

Well I have been wanting to knit more and I think that this might be the perfect challenge. I am going to work on two projects, a Hogwart's Scarf and a Rainbow Sock. I'll post an in progress picture of both as soon as I have good light to take them in!

Here is all the information about the challenge:

Daily Dose of Fiber 31-Day Challenge!

Maybe you can join in too!

I just spent my time working on my Hogwart's Scarf in Slytherin Colors - I am using Cascade 220 in 8407 soft gray/silver and 8267 dark/forest green. I am almost done with the second green stripe, I hope to finish this one pretty quickly. Maybe I will use my 20 minutes a day to get this one done and work on my socks later.


Knit Purl Gurl said...

'Can't wait to see your socks! :)

Jane said...

Knit 20 minutes a day? I can do that!

Sharon P said...

I have posted progress pics to my Ravelry Page! :D

Stacy said...

Welcome to the challenge! Looking forward to seeing your progress.