Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Day 5 of Daily Dose of Fiber

Well I worked on my Hogwarts scarf again but I must be getting bored because I wanted to do some thread crochet - so I picked up a ball of thread and a hook at lunch and started a a little doily - I ended up pulling it out because I need a smaller hook but I still got in my daily dose of fiber...:D


Lara Nieberding, The Data Digger said...

Unfortunately, ripping out is part of the creative process. Hopefully, you will feel really proud when your project is finished.

By the way, where are the pics of your Hogwarts scarf? I am curious.

Sharon P said...

You can find the picture here:

Lara Nieberding, The Data Digger said...

Thanks for sharing! Your hogwarts scarf looks beautiful.